How to use Power BI with Primavera P6 (and probably get a raise as well)

Project controls reporting sure can be a pain. Your boss might ask you for a report on project progress with actual hours versus earned hours. These types of understandable, concise reporting within short time periods is a big part of the project controls role. It’s important that you have the ability to create meaningful reports … Continued

Certification for Project Planners

P6 Users

Training Certification – What is the best Certification for Primavera P6 Users?   I have done training courses that focus on Primavera P6 software and courses that focus on the broader role of project planning. In my experience, courses that focus on the wider role of project planning give you the best bang for your … Continued

What Websites Will Help Me to Learn How to Use P6?

Learning Primavera P6 online

Websites to learn how to use Primavera P6 There are two important parts to learning to use Primavera P6.  You need to know the principles of project controls work and how they are applied in project planning and controlling. You then have to take those principles and techniques and implement them using Primavera P6. You need … Continued

How do I Download and Install Primavera P6?

Installing Primavera P6

P6 can be difficult to install. The software comes in two parts. There is a software interface that connects to a SQL database. There are a number of versions of the software that work on a number of versions of windows. There are also MS SQL, Oracle SQL database options. The easiest version for a … Continued

Are you managing your projects using the rear view mirror?

Lead versus Lag Measures - four disciplines of execution

Peter Drucker, arguably the father of modern management, said “What gets measured, gets managed.” As we manage projects, the activities that we measure need to be carefully selected in order to achieve our organisational goals. One of the issues of only focusing on traditional activity measures is that we are guiding ourselves with purely historical … Continued

What is Primavera P6: A Brief Introduction

Introduction to Primavera P6

I’ve been working in the oil and gas industry with Primavera P6 for six years years. It is the most common critical path based planning software used in planning and executing large engineering projects. In fact, it is hard to think of another software system, aside from Microsoft Excel that is as commonly used across … Continued