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Learning Primavera P6 online

What Websites Will Help Me to Learn How to Use P6?

Websites to learn how to use Primavera P6

There are two important parts to learning to use Primavera P6.  You need to know the principles of project controls work and how they are applied in project planning and controlling.

You then have to take those principles and techniques and implement them using Primavera P6.

You need a knowledge of project controls and a knowledge of the Primavera P6 software.

This article is about learning to use the software. I have written an article on how to install the software here, books that are useful in learning about project controls here and meaningful project control credentials here.


YouTube website offers videos, channels and playlists for Primavera P6 training courses and guidelines.

These are some of the youtube channels that I have found useful.

Herve Baron is a project engineer from Technip a French engineering design company. He wrote one of the best overviews of the engineering, procurement and construction process as applied to the oil and gas industry. His youtube channel covers each chapter and contains some of his great visualizations.


If you enjoy Herve’s videos you can check out his book or slideshares:


The PM academy have a great collection of short tutorials on different aspects of using Primavera P6. This is a great channel to have a look at over your lunch break.


The planning engineer channel is excellent. It is a broad view of the project planning role, there are videos on using Primavera P6 and there are also videos on using excel to import data into Primavera P6 and using data to create reports from Primavera P6 data.



Bill Pepoon has been a Primavera P6 consultant for many years. This is a collection of his tutorials.



Michael Lepage runs the Primavera P6 website Plan Academy. He has an excellent youtube channel that covers a wide range of issues related to Primavera P6 and project planning.



I recently came across the TEPCOL channel and its really impressive. TEPCOL are a shutdown and turnaround focused project planning consultancy. There is a large collection of very technical P6 tutorials that really go through the details of how P6 calculations work in real work situations.


Plan Academy

Plan Academy is a online training website covers everything you need to master Primavera P6.

The website delivers on-demand training on oracle Primavera P6 as well as a project controls learning tutorials through its blog.

Signing up to plan academy website also gives you the chance to Learn about project controls best practices, software, solutions and much more through a webinar videos in both free and paid categories.  

Primavera P6 Professional Training (12 Hours)

Website offers 99 video lessons with unlimited access for one year to learn Primavera P6 with below course outline:

  • The basics of CPM Scheduling with Primavera P6
  • How to build a schedule from scratch
  • How to Resource-load a schedule in Primavera P6
  • How to Cost-load a schedule in Primavera P6
  • How to progress and update a project and more.

Construction Planning & Scheduling Theory (5 Hours)

Five hours training with one-year unlimited access for 56 videos.

Course will put you on track to learn fundamental concepts, processes, and procedures necessary to build CPM schedules for construction projects.

Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis (15+ Hours)

This course will introduce the audiences to the necessary tools and techniques to identify the root causes of schedule delay.

Students will be taken step by step into four forensic techniques to analyzing delayed CP schedule.


Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online with an extensive library of over 80,000 courses.

The website offers some free courses to teach the students the fundamentals of Project management and the basics of primavera p6

Project Management with Primavera P6  

Category: Beginner to intermediate

Course includes 5 hours on-demand videos & 4 Downloadable Resources with lifetime access.

The course is designed to cover every aspect of Primavera P6 and it’s targeting people who works with organizations of any size staring from SMEs and reaching to large scale firms.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to develop project schedules, work with Calendars and WBS, create resource pool, assign resources manage and control schedule, resources and cost, generate reports and they will also understand lots of interesting Project Management concepts.

Primavera P6 Foundations Course

Category: Beginners

This course is targeting the beginner’s students. Those who want to learn P6 and understand its basics within minimum time.

One hour on-demand video


Lynda.com is an American online education company offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. Courses are also available through LinkedIn.

Oracle Primavera P6 Essential Training

Category: Beginners

The course covers the basic knowledge of primavera P6 software from creating new project, maintain calendar, create activity list with relationships, develop schedule, work with WBS, EPS, print and import & Export to Excel.

Course duration 40 Minutes.

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