Create a Kanban Board from P6 Data

I have often wanted to convert my Primavera P6 table of dates into a Kanban style update method. A Kanban board is a visual method of displaying work. It groups task as being in three states: Done In Progress Waiting This classification makes a lot of sense to a project team as controlling the in … Continued

Power BI – Jaw Dropping Reports and Dashboards

What is Power BI? Power BI is a cloud-based data visualization software system that is designed around Power Query and Power Pivot. Power BI is a separate software system than Excel and you will have to download it as a standalone system. Power BI allows people in data analysis roles, to create interactive reports and … Continued

How to Export Primavera P6 Data into Power BI

Project planners and schedulers spend a lot of time doing repetitive work in Excel. Its not uncommon to spend 20% of your time updating Primavera P6 and 80% of your time creating the final report in Excel. The purpose of this tutorial is to show how the Primavera P6 report generating feature along with Power … Continued

Power Query – The Data Wrangling Tool of Your Dreams

What is Power Query? Power Query can be seen as a free ranging data wrangling tool. As a cowboy uses a lasso to round up cattle, you can use Power Query take the unruly data you have and convert it into a format that can be used for report building and data visualization. Power Query … Continued

Business Intelligence Tools for Project Controls

The Data Challenge for Project Controls In the last 15 years the amount of data produced by an average construction project has exploded. In an effort to improve project outputs, we have really embraced software systems across the design, procurement and construction across the construction process. All indications are that this will increase in the … Continued

Case Study: Sharing Primavera P6 Data with Power BI

Communicating a detailed project schedule is not easy. I have spent many hours creating a detailed project plan, carefully reviewing and resource loading the activities. Everyone agreed to the performance baseline as the project kicked off, the issue was that once the whirlwind of daily activities started they project team did not have the time … Continued

Retag Thousands of Rows of Data in Seconds with Power Query

Incorrectly formatted data is the bane of a project control professionals life.   The start of a project is often a chaotic time. Everyone has competing priorities and the data naming conventions are not always clearly communicated at the start of a project.   Take for instance an example where you are receiving time sheet … Continued

Aligning Time Sheet Dates with Power Query

Handling differently formatted dates in Excel can be a real pain. This example is based on a time sheet problem that I came across. I was trying to combine time sheet data from different time sheet systems. One system cut off the weekend on a Friday of every week and the other system cut the … Continued